Monday, June 10, 2013

FINALLY!!!  I see sun!  I am hoping we get more than one day of it.  We are seriously tired of the rain, gloomy skies, and lack of 'get up and go' because of it.  I get to enjoy my morning at the hospital this morning but it shouldn't take long.  Hopefully if it isn't too muggy we can finally get the camper to get it ready for our first voyage in a few weeks.  We are going on our second annual family reunion camping weekend.  Some of the relatives that live the farthest are renting campers this year so they can stay.  Last year there was a family picnic  Bring your own meat for the grill and one side dish to share.  Still trying to figure out what to bring for that.  A local guy brought a homemade water slide that ran into the lake and kids and adults alike enjoyed it.  He told us he was going to make another one and bring two this year.  Not a bad idea considering the entire campground got in on the fun.  There was live music and all.  The only thing I am not looking forward to is the absence of the hubs.  Family functions on his side are going to keep him away for the weekend.  It's tough watching him walk out that door every Sunday or Monday and not seeing him again until Friday or Saturday.  Now we are going to miss an entire weekend together. :(  

I have added some great layouts to the gallery that have been done by the PDW gals!  Here is a much needed shout out to some really great ladies there that do such a bang up job.  Don't forget to stop by and check out the challenges and get to know them in the forums.

Have a great week and hopefully I will be back Friday 6/14 with a new kit!  Working on getting a garage sale together so I keep getting distracted.

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