Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Ever After

It's been a long time coming.  After many months on hiatus (not a vacation as much as normal everyday life throwing a wrench in my plans), I have a new release.  It took me awhile because my computer is still on the fritz.  The electronics in this house seem to be possessed lately.  Remotes not working, cable boxes not working, computer with a mind of it's own.....  It just seems to keep snowballing.  It has been an awfully COLD winter here in Minnesota.  Most of winter has been well below zero.  We were supposed to have a warm up this past week, but I have yet to actually see it.  My poor toes have been frozen since November.

This new release is available for 28% OFF through 2/16.  The store is going to be having some work done so connections today might be hit or miss, but don't worry you have time!

Watch for freebie coming soon!
Have a great day

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