Monday, April 22, 2013

It has been snowing outside since earlier this afternoon.  I am so done with snow!  I have come to the conclusion that spring and summer will be a beautiful day.......some time in July!  Then it will be on to winter again.....
In the past 2 weeks we have had approximately 16 inches of snow.  We are currently getting another 3-6 inches with a chance of more snow Wednesday.  There are only 8 more days left of APRIL!!  We have surpassed the all time record of snowfall for the month, by a long shot!  I am hoping the weatherman is wrong about Wednesday!

iNSD is coming up a lot faster than I had hoped.  Trying to get this blog all set up and in order and get a new kit and freebie completed for it.  I have posted some of my most recent kits in the product gallery and have added some inspiration in the layout gallery.  I am working on getting things linked or at least get a link into the descriptions.  In the meantime you can use the link on the right sidebar to get to the store.

Visit the freebie tab at the top of the page or my Facebook page to get the current freebie.  It's a little larger than normal so there are 3 download links.  This was designed for Autism Awareness, and will be up for the remainder of April.